Dragavan Games currently does not have an active website. Currently, all sales are handled through the RPGNow.com Dragavan Games' Store. But this will change in the future as more games are released and more support materials are available for free. Right now the only game available from Dragavan Games is Lootin' Wizards, but the Land of Karn website is active well before the release of the large Fantasy Role-Playing Game.

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Lootin' Wizards

After the death of the beloved Royal Mage of the kingdom, the king of the land set out a challenge to find his replacement. Wizards from far and wide came to vie for the position. As the challenge was set forth a few of the smarter and sneakier ones thought of a good way to get a leg up. They made their way into the secret dungeon of the former Royal Mage and decided to loot it for what they needed to win... But only one can win, so the battle for the loot began.

Lootin' Wizards is a fun group card/board game series where you race around the randomly placed dungeon, trying to get more loot than your opponents. Make spells to battle each other, using the ingenious three card spell system (for thousands of possible creations). Screw up their spells with troublesome Side Effects. Foil them with entertaining Trap and curse cards. Use helpful Items to aid your quest to grab all the Loot you can. There are currently Three releases for this: The main game, the first expansion "Curses! Foiled Again", and the second expansion "Quick Change". Now the main game is also available in full physical form as a Print on Demand purchase.

The Land of Karn

The Land of Karn is a Fantasy Role-Playing Game set in the world of Karn, a vast continent of varried races, creature, kingroms, and unexplored terrain. Tall mountains, vast wastelands, thick forests, and deep swamps are all just part of what the world has to explore or conquer. You can play anything you choose, from an educated scholar with knowledge of the old ways to the weathered adventurer out for fortune and glory. The only limits are your own choices, using the expansive Skill-Based character creation system. Check out the Basic Version now, until the full game is released later.

The Land of Karn website is a place to learn about the Land of Karn RPG, check out the free Basic Version of the game, see the bonus extras (like the Travelers of Karn comics and world maps), and interract with others (including the real Travelers of Karn and Dragavan himself) in the Forums. Once the game is released it will also be the place for all sorts of official game related extras to add spice to your games and even some bonuses just for purchasers of the game.

Whispering Bluff

The small resort town of Whispering Bluff has seen its share of tragedy over the ages. Deaths, disappearances, and horrors of all kinds, both man-made and unexplained, fill its history. This all lead to it finally being abandoned over a decade ago, but it didn't stop there. Lost souls are still drawn to it from time to time and are lost within its borders, never to be heard from again. Little do the outsiders know where they are lost to or the horrors they see. Stuck between worlds, being torn between the desolate light and living darkness. Sometimes death is the only way out.

This is a new role-playing game in the works by creator Dragavan, using all sorts of new mechanics he is creating just for this project, including the expanding die pool used to create a growing sense of impending doom. You can follow the growth of the game though the blog posts at Dragavan's Den and the forums over there (and some other sites as well). When there is more to say, I will make the following banner link to it.

National Wrestling Game (NWG)

Battles in the Square Circle are at the center of this fast action and fun game where you play a wrestler battling for belts and honor. The good, the bad, and the silly are all part of the action. Managers build up and help their wrestlers, who talk smack to build themselves up and break down their opponents. Rivalries rise and build to great matches about honor and status. Fan bases grow with every win and good appearance. All the power, showmanship, and over the top action you expect from "Professional" Wrestling.

The first version of this made back in the late '80s, while I was in High School, and was a huge success with my friends and others at the school. I then let it sit on the shelf for years, as my interest in Wrestling faded. I recently was struck with the idea that the fast action of the game itself can still be a lot of fun, even if I don't follow the modern trends in "real" wrestling. So I decided to pull it out and look at it. It is obviously an early design, but has some really good stuff there, so I started to remake it from the ground up. At some point the following will lead you do more about it, but right now it's only found behind the scenes or on some forums.

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